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Dog searching a car

What is so special about scent work training?

​Dogs love to use their senses and this is important for a well rounded, calm, happy dog. Learn how to provide your dog with enrichment and scent work activities. The benefits:

  • Provides mental and physical stimulation.
  • Relieves stress and builds confidence in fearful and reactive dogs.
  • Reduces problem behaviours caused by frustration, lack of focus and boredom.
  • Provides an appropriate outlet for energetic, busy, active dogs to help calm and settle.
  • Teaches self control
  • Provides different ways to reward and train.
  • Increases the bond between dog & owner and so much more!

Services currently offered are scent work classes and one to one sessions from beginner to advanced. We also offer trials and workshops.

On our courses, your dog will learn how to search a variety of environments, detect a specific odour and offer a passive indication when scent is detected. These courses are for pet dogs and no previous experience of scent work is required to start. Our courses are suitable for puppies from 16 weeks with no upper age limit.

This is a wonderful way to provide an natural outlet for your dog and strengthen your relationship at the same time.

Venue: Broadbridge Heath Scout Hall, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LJ.

Please email me via the Contact Page for more information.